Ride Improvement System (RIS) for RZR 800

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Call us Prior to ordering this system as you must ship your shocks to us.




The RZR 800 is a quite capable of road UTV and has plenty of power and suspension to be a ton of fun.  Various models come with non rebuildable shocks or Fox Podiums. Whether you have Podiums or another aftermarket shock we can improve the ride quite a bit.  We can smooth out the chop and increase the bump stage for big hits at the same time. Don’t think that the factory ride is as good as it gets because that is just not the case. There is a huge amount of improvement available for the 800 so don’t wait another minute and waste another trip with a rough ride. Send us your shocks and you will be impressed all over again with your smooth riding 800.


Stage 1 RIS: machined piston, new valving, improved flow in the compression adjuster where applicable $649.95


Stage 2 RISl: adds a full dual rate spring kit with Silent cross over rings to the Stage 1 RIS...$749.95 spring kit,  plus Stage 1, total...$1,399.90


*Fox Podium shocks require machined parts to add a Schrader valve to charge the shock with nitrogen as well as make the shock rebuild-able and valve-able in the future. We add these to your shocks when we install our RIS kit.